Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Boarding Facility

With all the holidays just around the corner many people are starting to make travel programs to go to friends and family. When that travel means having to leave their small pet or dog at home many have feelings of guilt about doing so, particularly for those for whom their dog is a cherished fellow member of the family. Just what helps ease the guilt is knowing you’ve selected the right boarding facility for your pet, so here are ten tips to help you choose wisely.

Require a tour of the pet care center you are considering and ask the staff questions about all of your table and care concerns. Inquiring questions will help you to be comfortable not only with the center but with the people who will be caring for your dog. A staff member who pushes you through a facility visit may be a signal that the staff would not have enough time to give your dog the interest you would. Because holiday travel involves a lot of advance planning, consider a test run by taking your dog to the facility for a few doggie daycare visits before you leave for holiday. This will give you a real sense of whether or not the boarding facility is right for your pet.

Inquire the boarding staff to describe the daily routine for dogs in their care. Dogs in boarding facilities should be allowed many opportunities to burn off excessive energy. Ask about overnight look after your pet as well.

Search for amenities designed to relieve the tension of changing a dog’s environment — even if it’s only non permanent — dogs sometimes have difficulty coping with boarding. Look for a facility like Paradise Pet Resorts that has plenty of outlets for added energy and excitement as well as connections with staff who exercise the dogs and party play options for socially active dogs.
Ask about the regimen that management and staff follows for maintaining a clean, disinfected facility. A clean surroundings will help ensure your dog comes home healthy and happy.
For dogs engaging in group play, ask to see the facility’s policy on staff supervision of the dogs. Puppies should not be still left unattended at any time while in group play, as this can be harmful. We recommend you also ask about the types of training staff are required to complete to supervise pets in party play.

Be positive the facility is staffed 24 hours a day. Pets should not be left alone and you also want to ensure that a personnel person is available in the big event of an unexpected emergency. Visit:

Ask about the staff’s training and background in animal care. Personnel who are knowledgeable in dog behavior, dog care, and even dog training helps when any problems do arise, as well-trained employees will know how to package with issues appropriately.

In case your dog is active and social choose a facility that gives dogs maximum social interaction. Most canines are social creatures so when they engage with people and other dogs, they often feel less stressed. If your dog does not have many opportunities for social interaction in your daily life, make certain to talk to boarding staff with regards to your dog’s personality to ensure his or the woman needs for quiet or smaller group play can even be met.

If your dog has any medical conditions, there are a few questions to ask about the staff that will be accountable for administering medications:
What training has the staff been given to administer medications.?
Ask to meet the staff who will be in charge of administering medications.

Will be the staff familiar with your dog’s specific condition? (And within an emergency ask if they learn how to respond properly. )
See how staff will handle any medical emergencies and what policies the staff will follow. Inquire about the 24-hour vet and/or animal hospital that the dog boarding center will contact so that, in the event of a medical emergency, you know who will care for your pat and where your pet will be taken. We also recommend that you ask your boarding facility about how they handle emergencies to ensure your pet will get emergency care promptly.

Holiday Dog
Ultimately, what everyone wants for their pet is a well run, well-maintained dog boarding facility that will care of their pet while on holiday. Knowing what might before you leave your dog will allow you to enjoy your time away and give your puppy the outlet he or she needs to thrive until you return.