Bathroom Conversions guide

Raise the usability of your bathrooms with a tub to showering conversion. HousePro supplies the area’s best alternatives for any budget. A tub-to-shower alteration offers many advantages, including an easier, safer entry to the bathtub, less water usage over tub bathing, built-in bench seats for shaving and accessibility issues, built-in niches for mane good care and other bathing products, multiple and hand-held spray heads for a spa-like bathtub experience and more.

Bathroom conversions
1. Increased Safety
Among the foremost reasons to look at a tub to shower conversion is to improve the safety of your bathrooms. In the event that you be concerned about slipping and falling when getting back in and from the tub, this service minimizes the concern. A change is simpler to enter and leave, and more space when compared to a traditional bathtub. This is especially beneficial for many who need help or assistance while bathing.

2. Available Accessories
tub to bathtub conversionIf you feel more comfortable with grab pubs or a seat to rest on while shampooing nice hair, a tub to bathtub conversion is an outstanding solution. The excess space will help you to integrate the accessories you will need to increase your comfort and basic safety. Actually, Keep Me Home Advancements can design a one-of-a-kind, personal bathtub that’s both attractive, as well as practical.

3. Wide Range of Styles
When heading the route of an tub to shower conversion, some homeowners get worried that the changes can make their bathroom look like something in a hospital or medical home, but this simply isn’t the situation. There is a variety of styles and models available from Keep Me Home Advancements, letting you choose an eye-catching design that is also functional.