A Guide to Living in Birkirkara

Since Malta is one of the most popular places to live these days, Birkirkara is experiencing a growth in population and interest as well. It’s great that this city is finally getting its credit after so long of living in the shadow of other more famous places in Malta like Gozo. Even though it has largely not been talked about in conversations about living in Malta, Birkirkara has the highest population on the island and continues to grow thanks to a flourishing Maltese economy.

If you are looking to move to Malta, Birkirkara should be one of the main cities on your list when you are deciding where to live on the island. There are plenty of properties for sale in Birkirkara as well as things to do and tourist attractions to keep you busy. It is a beautiful city that Malta is lucky to have. Let’s go over what it’s like to live in Birkirkara.


Birkirkara is the largest city in Malta with a population of 24,000 residents. It has been growing in size for the past couple of decades and has now reached a peak as more and more people and businesses flock to Malta to retire and do business. If you are looking for a youthful area that is full of growth, has a proven track record, and has a bright future, Birkirkara is a great place for you and you should be considering it hard.


Apart from being a great city on the inside, Birkirkara is excellently situated on the island near many of the attractions that you might want to go see. It is close to airports, tourist attractions, historical sites, and other ways to get around the island. It’s a hub of activity because of how conveniently it is located on Malta.

Real Estate Market in Birkirkara

If you are wanting to move to Birkirkara, you don’t just want to know about how nice of a city it is or how well it is located on the island. One of the main factors in your decision to move or not to move to Birkirkara is going to be the price of the houses on the market. Birkirkara is a fairly affluent city with a high price for the homes on the market. You should be prepared to invest significantly if you are going to purchase a home or apartment in Birkirkara.

However, the good news is that the market is still on the rise there because of how well Malta is doing and its status as the island’s largest city. You should still feel confident investing in the local real estate market of Birkirkara.


While Birkirkara is the largest city in Malta, it doesn’t have much racket and bustle with only 24,000 residents. If you are looking for a place to live that has an excellent location, all the amenities that you might want from a city that you live in, and a thriving real estate market, Birkirkara might be the right choice for you.