3 Tips For Cleaning Your Curtain

Regular Curtain Cleaning Routines

When attempting to clean your curtains, you should be aware that there are both partial and full procedures. Partial procedures can be performed more frequently as they require less time and effort. However, they are insufficient in the long run as they do not dislodge all dirt and dust from your curtains.

Basic Brushing and General Upkeep

On a regular basis, before you clean your room’s floor, take time to provide the curtains a good shake to displace any dust or dirt. When the dust has cleared up, you can began to vacuum the floor.

On a month-to-month basis, utilize your vacuum with a dust brush attachment to clean all spots of your curtains. Preferably, your vacuum cleaner should be mobile and light-weight as you may need to steer it in order to reach the top of the curtain.

The great benefit of regular brushing and vacuuming is that it can be done without curtains being taken down from the rod. Furthermore, it works on curtains of all materials and fabrics. As such, you can perform it with a ease of mind, knowing that your actions will not damage the curtains.

Casual Washing

As covered before, curtains need to be washed after a while in order to remove dep rooted dirt. However, it should be noted that depending on the curtain’s fabric, different settings will need to be applied. Alternatively, it is possible that your curtains cannot be washed at all. As such it is important that you check your manufacturer’s instructions before washing your curtains.

As a rule of thumb, if your curtain is either thick or fragile, then they will require special care. If not, then you can follow the following steps to wash your curtains:

  • Remove any accessories from the setup
  • Take the curtains outdoor and shake any dust off them
  • Dust the curtain to eliminate any outstanding dust or dirt
  • Machine wash the curtain on a delicate cycle utilizing a cool setting
  • Dry the curtain on a low-heat setting
  • Remove the curtain from the clothes dryer when the cycle is complete so as to avoid creases from forming
  • Rehang the curtain

Different Materials

Various curtain fabrics require different cleaning approaches. Failure to adhere to recommended methods can cause significant damages to your curtain. If in doubt, you can refer to the upkeep cleaning instructions that were provided when you bought your curtains.

Additionally, if you have misplaced the directions and are unable to locate any maintenance tag, then think about engaging expert curtain cleaning services. Their expertise and professional equipment allow them to effectively remove any deep rooted dirt and handle any type of curtain material without damaging it.